Trois Rivieres Martinique Rhum VSOP 40% 70cl

Agricole rum is made by distilling the pure fresh, fermented cane juice. Produced mainly in the French West Indies (Martinique and Guadeloupe), agricole rum is a high quality rum well-known and appreciated for its specific aromas and flavours due to its long and established method of production. The rums of Martinique are considered among the best in the world. They are so fine and aromatic that since 1996, they have been awarded the prestigious French "appellation d'origine controlee" quality designation previously reserved only for French finest cheese and wines Trois Rivieres Distillery The name Trois Rivieres refers to both the distillery and the 120 hectare sugarcane plantation which produces in excess of 2 million litres per annum. Bordered by three rivers: Bois d'Inde, Oman and St. Pierre, 100% of the plantation has been officially designated with the AOC agreement. Today, Trois Rivieres rums are sold in more than thirty countries.