Theodore Pictish Gin 43% 70cl

An elegant and sophisticated Scottish gin with hidden depths and powered by the spirit of the Picts.

Theodore’s formula initial top note is characterised by citric pomelo, its elegant and slightly astringent tones linking to crisp pine needles and evoking strong hints of fresh grass. As the top notes give way, the honey component ushers in a floral heart note with connotations of Damask rose and Oolong tea.

Fresh ginger brings woody warmth, and enhances the aroma of the pomelo, while maintaining its elegance and complexity. Dry ginger is well balanced with the previous notes and brings forward a powdery spiciness. Offering a rich depth, the base note of bourbon vetiver contains a slight hint of vanilla.

A smoky, woody aroma marries well with the dry ginger, while milky oolong tea delivers a green and astringent note. This combination lasts long on the palate, with delicate rose notes returning in waves.