The West Winds Broadside Navy Strength Gin 58% 70cl

The Broadside Navy Strength, at 58 percent ABV, joins The Sabre and The Cutlass as a staple of our distillery. As for drinks ideas, we say keep it simple, sip it straight up on a cold winters evening, appreciate its "full-on" flavour in a dry Martini with a grapefruit twist or treat yourself to an explosive G and T with a slice of ruby grapefruit.Named after one of the most brazen and aggressive tactics in naval history, where warships released a close range barrage of firepower from every gun along one side of the hull, The Broadside Navy Strength was made using the beguiling and distinctive sea parsley and seasoned with Margaret River sea salt. Utilising umami and mouth feel taste sensations, we reckon it's up there with salty caramel and is the churros of drinking.