Sacred Spiced English Vermouth 18% 70cl

Sacred Spiced English Vermouth is a rich, dark vermouth made with organic wormwood from Somerset, organic thyme from the New Forest and English wine from Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire, plus a combination of 24 organic roots, herbs, barks, peels and spices. The organic wormwood is grown in Somerset especially for Sacred and harvested when in full flower. Other botanicals include organic stone fruits plums and cherries from Gloucestershire, organic fresh thyme from the New Forest, Madagascan cloves, cubeb from Indonesia and organic liquorice from Spain. Following maceration, 21 of the distillates are distilled, gentian and wormwood are just macerated to give a gentle bitterness and grip on the palate, orange peel adds bitterness and colour, plus pectin to give texture and mouth feel.