Sacred Rosehip Cup Liqueur 18% 75cl

Our bittersweet Rosehip Cup Liqueur is a fruitier, less bitter English alternative to Campari with 27 botanicals including English rosehip, rhubarb and Peruvian ginger. Naturally coloured and flavoured, the bright red colour comes from red grapes and English rhubarb. Tasting Note: Cranberry-like red fruit, floral geranium, herbal spice with bark and Rooty bitterness. Very fruity compared to a Campari with even greater complexity. Moderately bitter, tart fruit finish. No artificial colourings or flavours are used - the beautiful rich colour comes from grape skins and rhubarb juice. It can be enjoyed in cocktails, such as the Negroni or with Champagne and sparkling wines or with soda or lemonade for a longer drink. A versatile dark red, fruity and gently bitter cordial, this is an English alternative to Campari.