Nardini Mezzo-Mezzo Aperitivo 22.5% 100cl

Pleasantly bitter-sweet with herbal and citric notes, Mezzoemezzo is a refined aperitif with a smooth, enveloping flavour.

Mezzoemezzo literally means ‘half-and-half’ in Italian. With origins dating back to the 1800’s, Mezzoemezzo is a spirit-based Americano-style cocktail made from identical amounts of two stalwart Nardini products: ‘Rosso’, a bitter-sweet liqueur made from orange peel, vanilla and quinine (typically deployed in a Manhattan) and the extraordinary ‘Rabarbaro’ which is derived from the Chinese rhubarb root and gentian.

The classic serve sees Mezzoemezzo mixed with an equal amount of soda and garnished with a lemon twist, delivering a drink that is richer, less bitter, yet more complex than conventional Americano recipes. It has proved to be the most popular offering in the Grapperia on Bassano’s famous Ponte Vecchio for over sixty years. While Mezzoemezzo has only been available in Italy as a pre-mixed cocktail since 2013, dozens of bars across the UK now offer the Mezzoemezzo using the Rosso/Rabarbaro combination