Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka 37.5% 70cl

Natural lemon and lime flavours are combined with real yarrow extracts from Hameenkyro, Finland. Light herbal notes bring a new twist to the fresh citrus taste
The distillery, located among the barley fields of Koskenkorva Village is where all Koskenkorva spirits are made. To ensure the highest quality of the distilled spirits they use one of the most advanced distillation processes in the world.
From the village of Koskenkorva, staying true to Scandinavian foraging traditions, this flavour range captures the true essence of the Northern forests. Natural and locally sourced ingredients bring an exciting twist to this smooth and premium vodka. The Koskenkorva family who still live in the village today, pride themselves on their innovative style and craft approach. Notes of blueberry, juniper and pine. Soft palate with blueberries, juniper and liquorice.