Hernö Old Tom Gin 43% 50cl

Old Tom Gins are a more botanically intense style of gin. In the case of HERNÖ OLD TOM GIN, the same botanicals are used as in the London Dry (Hernö Gin), however the recipe is tweaked with extra meadowsweet to add botanical freshness and then some honey post distillation, which highlights the distillery's core floral characteristics.

With botanicals including the usual and transitional London Dry line-up of juniper, coriander, cassia, black pepper and lemon peel, one has to ask how it has won so many awards, including WORLD'S BEST GIN? In our opinion, it is the last three botanicals that make HERNÖ so special; vanilla, meadowsweet and Nordic lingonberries add to Hernö's traditional gin flavours with additional floral touches and a rich mouthfeel. The all-certified organic contents no doubt add to the smooth character of the gin too.