Elephant Strength Gin 57% 50cl

Elephant Gin high-proof release has been named Elephant Strength is a stronger and richer version that the original at 57 percent ABV. This gin is made with the same 14 botanicals as the original London Dry, of which many are from Africa, including buchu (reminiscent of blackcurrant), devil's claw (for bitter aromatics), lion's tail (a medicinal herb), wormwood (floral and bitter) and baobab (a fruit rich in vitamin C). The result is a fresh and powerful gin, rich yet balanced which works well in cocktails. It has zingy citrus, menthol, sweet juniper and black peppercorn tasting note. All ingredients are carefully selected and balanced. All bottles are custom-made, adorned with hand-written labels, embossed with a crest and sealed with natural cork.