El Rayo Tequila Plata 40% 70cl

El Rayo is made using a combination of highland and lowland agave. Predominantly highland agaves are used in production which harnesses floral and citrus flavours. This is then anchored by the more peppery and vegetal tones that come through with subtlety from the lowland agaves. 

The combination of agaves provides a balanced and smooth drinking experience. Expect delicate flavours on the nose, a buttery and viscous mouth feel that ends with a gentle yet empowering finish packed full of agave flavour.

The Plata has long legs in the glass, which is down to the use of high quality, fully ripe agaves with plentiful sugars. Maintains a certain viscosity which is evident when swirled in glass. Floral and citrus nose gives way to a buttery mouthfeel with a hint of peppery spice coming through. Smooth finish packed full of agave flavours with a hint of pineapple.