Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur 28% 70cl

Domaine de Canton is a liqueur produced and bottled in France in the Garonne valley. A ginger high quality liqueur, born from the French tradition where fresh and sweet flavours are fortified by Cognac and water vines. Great both smooth and as a cocktail ingredient. Made from an infusion of baby ginger with cognac, Tunisian ginseng, Tahitian vanilla beans and Provence honey. To maintain its high quality the production is entirely manual and free of preservatives and dyes Very tame yellow, the nose is deeply mixed with spices and other ingredients, the sensations that are received are exciting for our smell, ginger certainly emerges but does not prevail. In the mouth the strong taste given by the end of the Cognac alcohol is perfectly melted with vanilla and honey, a sweet embrace of the palate, leaving an intense aroma of ginger and ginseng, where alcohol persists but does not bother the palate.