Cariel Batch Vodka 40.7% 70cl

In the mid 2000's Cariel's Master Blender, Peter Carlson, noticed something happening in the world of vodka. Brands seemed to be competing more and more in terms of 'purity'. In essence this meant "distilled and/or filtered more" = "better". This also meant that vodkas had less and less taste.He took finest Swedish Winter Wheat from farms certified by the Swedish Farmer's Association (SFA) in Västergötland , in south-west Sweden, and made the first distillate. He uses the incredibly pure water from Lake Vättern, which derives from glacial springs and meltwater.

Finally the barley distillate is blended with the pure wheat distillate and Vättern water according to the Batch Blending Process which gives Cariel Batch Blended Vodka its full bodied character and a subtle sweetness. Indeed, in 2010 internationally-renowned drinks writer and educator Philip Duff described it as "the vodka that dares to have taste". Bottled with a white gloss finish reminiscent of the snow under which our wheat grows, Cariel was voted best tasting vodka in Sweden by trade magazine Aperitif in March 2009.