Briottet Liqueur de Thé Vert Hibiscus (Green Tea / Hibiscus Liqueur) 18% 70cl

Briottet Liqueur de Thé Vert Hibiscus is a rather unusual green tea and hibiscus liqueur made in Dijon, France. Maison Briottet is a family business, founded in 1836. Originally, the family were primarily negociants of Burgundy wine, involved with ageing, blending, bottling and selling the wines. Following the development of the blanc cassis aperitif (white wine with Crème de Cassis), the company progressively focused its activities on producing fruit crèmes, liquors, brandies and marcs de Bourgogne. The current managing director, Gérard Briottet, represents the fourth generation, and maintains the tradition started by his great grandfather, Edmond Briottet. Briottet Liqueur de Thé Vert Hibiscus is made by macerating gree tea and hibiscus flowers in very pure neutral alcohol, and then blending the infusion with the right amount of fine sugar to achieve the best balance of fruit, sweetness and acidity. Green tea is obviously a common drink and hibiscus flowers are used extensively in West Africa in sauces, jams and a sweet, red drink called bissap. A very unusual, but not completely bonkers combination of two pretty on trend flavours.