Beluga Noble Vodka 40% 150cl Magnum

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka Magnum 1.5L is the magnum size version of the noble Russian vodka that is famous worldwide. Thanks to its aristocratic origins and idyllic quality, Beluga has claimed its rightful place in the global culture of spirit satisfaction and consumption. Beluga is created at the Mariinksy Distillery. The Mariinsky distillery was established in 1900 in the heart of Siberia in one of the most environmentally clean and tranquil regions of Russia. Water is the key component in the production of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, accounting for 60% of its unique formula. It comes from 300 metre deep artesian well in the bedrock of Siberia. Also used in Beluga's special recipe is a special malt spirit rarely found today in other vodka due to its cost and labour intensive production.

Beluga Noble Vodka is a noble Russian vodka with a clean and crisp taste with a little bit of grain flavour. Perfect for drinking straight, as is the Russian way - straight out of the freezer. Beluga has become a huge word of mouth success story since hitting Australian shores in 2012. Beluga vodka is made, unusually, with barley malt spirit, and is very lightly flavoured with honey and extracts of oat and milk thistle. Purest water is sourced from Siberian artesian wells deep in he heart of Russia. A classic Russian vodka