Banks 7 Golden Blend Premium Rum 43% 70cl

The world of rums in a bottle. Banks Rums is a highly-awarded and carefully distilled collection of extraordinary rums, inspired by the travels and discoveries of 18th century botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Banks on board HMS Endeavour with Captain Cook. Both Banks 5 Island Blend and Banks 7 Golden Blend incorporate hand-selected rums from 5 and 7 origins from the East and West Indies, expertly blended to deliver unparalleled flavour, character and depth. Co-created by bar industry legend Jim Meehan (from Please Don’t Tell, NY), and beloved by bartenders all around the world, the exceptional flavours of Banks make it perfect for any rum based drink – the aromas always shine through. Banks 7 Golden Blend is a complex, full-flavoured rum that is sophisticated, but not sweet. Blending 23 rums from 7 different origins: Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guatemala, Panama, Guyana and Java, it has a drier flavour profile than most Golden Rums, allowing it to stand out above anything else in the category. Banks 7 Golden Blend, with its bronze colour, reveals hints of apple cider, Spanish almonds and tobacco on the nose, with passion fruit notes on the lengthy, dry, rich finish. Its exceptional character make it great for cocktails, but also delicious to sip neat - in the words of co-founder Jim Meehan, from PDT NY, 'It's a pity to mix but a shame not to'. Banks has won over 20 international medals for its exceptional quality and, including GOLD at the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2018, SILVER at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition and GOLD at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.